Card of the Day – Four of Cups

Today’s card is the Four of Cups.

Yes! Again! All these cards, and all that shuffling, and here she is again.

When I pulled it, I almost put it back. What is the value of these daily cards if I keep pulling the same card? Does it reduce the value of this work? Does it make me less interesting or insightful as a tarot reader, or my work less meaningful?

Then I thought about narrative therapy sessions, and how often issues surface again and again. I thought about how growth is never linear, about how the best stories loop and loop back and loop again.

So, here we are, with the Four of Cups again.

Cristy Road’s Next World Tarot guidebook says, “It feels as if she has been in the middle of this argument for centuries.”

There’s a feeling of monotony to this card, especially today, drawing it again for the third time in a week and a half.

What are the arguments that seem to never end in your own life? Who, or what system, are they with?

Why do these arguments continue?

What are you holding as sacred, precious, or worthwhile when you continue to engage in these arguments? What are you protecting? What are you standing against?

What would it take for the argument to end?

Would the argument ending be progress? Or would the argument continuing be progress?

What does progress mean?

Who taught you about progress, and about arguments, and about arguments that seem to (or literally do) last for centuries?

When was the last time you painted your nails, or wore something exceptionally comfy?

Can you do something gentle for yourself today?